The Shadow of



Ferrotypes, LTO tape


“I imagine a time where the pixel has started to lose its meaning…”


 “The Shadow of Materiality” focuses on the impact of digitisation at the moment where digitised images coexist in the virtual environment together with digitally born images. Looking at the digitisation process as a translation of a certain representational system, I have created a gesture where digitisation appears through a photographic process which predates the era of gelatine emulsion photography. I see it as a way to analyze digitised image's ability to "preserve" an object and to evaluate the visual and cultural impact of digitization in an environment where image production and their systematic use is a natural part of human behaviour. “The Shadow of Materiality” is my second exhibition that deals with archival representation and its power to manipulate cultural memory.


Camera operators: Jüri and Käty Tarkpea

Installation views: Madara Gritāne


Exhibited at Ag47 gallery in Tartu, 3.12.2019-.05.01.2020.

Exhibited at the Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga, 03.09-03.10.2021


Exhibition essay "The Shadow of Materiality (In Estonian)

Exhibition essay "The Shadow of Materiality (In English)


Interview with Rūdis Bebrišs, "Can't measure quality in pixels"

Views from the "Digital Dark Age" exhibition at the Latvian Museum of Photography, curated by Anete Skuja.



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